2017 training dates

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October 7th          Defensive Pistol   Canton


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Falcon Firearms Training is a Stark County, Ohio based trainer.

I am certified in the following:

NRA Certified Instructor/Range Safety Officer
Certified in:
Basic Pistol
Advanced pistol
Personal Protection inside the Home
Personal protection Outside the Home
Defensive Pistol
CCW Instructor
I currently teach CCW, NRA Basic Pistol, and Defensive Pistol.
See menu items: Coure description and Events Calendar for class info.
If you are interested in my classes or instruction for private groups please email: falconfirearmsohio@gmail.com or call 330-715-0398.


Freedoms safest place

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Recent Ohio CCW law change.

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• School safety zones
A “school safety zone” includes a school, school building,
school premises, school activity, and school bus. For
purposes of this statute, a school includes everything up to
the property boundary.
As a licensee, you may have a concealed handgun in a school safety
zone if you leave the handgun in the motor vehicle, the handgun
does not leave the vehicle and, if you leave the vehicle, you lock the


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Get training!

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Glock 43 .380

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Glock 23

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