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Falcon Firearms Training is a Stark County, Ohio based trainer.

I am certified in the following:

NRA Certified Instructor/Range Safety Officer
Certified in:
Basic Pistol
Advanced pistol
Personal Protection inside the Home
Personal protection Outside the Home
Defensive Pistol
CCW Instructor
I currently teach CCW, NRA Basic Pistol, and Defensive Pistol.
See menu items: Coure description and Events Calendar for class info.
If you are interested in my classes or instruction for private groups please email: or call 330-715-0398.

2022 Class

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Starting to schedule classes for 2022. first one is an Ohio CCW class April 10th in Canton.

Bring a friend and get $10 off class fee.

Now find Falcon Firearms on Facebook.

Public comment now open

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Tell the ATF to leave our guns alone!


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It’s looking like ammo supplies are starting to come back. I have been seeing more on the shelves along with reloading components. It’s going to be a while before prices start to come down but at least that’s a good sign.

GTA Steel challenge

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NRA CCW July 25th.

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What not to do at a gun shop.

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