Next Defensive Pistol class

Posted: June 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Defensive Pistol 1

September 10th.

7 hours

Cost $100. 50% deposit required to hold slot.

Cash, Check (prior to class) and Visa or Master Card accepted.

Make payable and mail to:

Bob Harris

P.O. Box 25

Uniontown, Oh 44685

Ammo requirements 400 rounds

This course covers the following:

Various ways to stop a threat.

Ammunition considerations.

Threat assessment and area scanning.

Rapid target acquisition and point shooting.

Use of flash sight picture vs. perfect sight alignment.

Proper handgun draw and presentation.

Moving while shooting.

Ammunition management and reloading.

Handgun malfunctions.

Engaging threats from the ground.

Dealing with multiple threats.

Refining drawing from concealment.

Chest ready and hip shooting.

Balancing speed and accuracy.

Tactical speed shooting concepts.

Engaging threats while advancing and withdrawing.

Engaging threats during continuous movement.

Engaging threats from behind a barrier.

Weapon retention issues.

See course description page for additional details.

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