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Stolen from another site. Not mine but still good info:

Violent attacks do not happen in a vacuum. DO you know the warning signs?
Ok let’s talk about violent attacks and turn this into a learning experience…. It is not everything but it is a pretty good list to work with. I have been preaching this for over 40 yrs.
Danger Warning Signs or Pre-Attack Indicators.
There is almost 100% of the time, warning indicators. Let’s look at a bunch. You can add your own to this list. Think about this. It has to deal with Avoid, Evade and Escape tactics. Pre-attack violent offenders always give a tell. Called telegraphing or triggering. Your body will also give you tells also. Body language will tell you a lot about your attacker. Let’s add them together. Here are my 20….You may have others…….
This is why we use the color codes of awareness, to make us think…..Winning a fight is in the mind mostly, then in the body.
1-You feel your heart in your throat.
2-Hard to breath or holding your breath. *(you)
3-Hair standing on neck or arms. *(you)
5-Someone instigates a conversation when it is neither needed nor wanted.
6-Invasion of personal space.
7-Threatening or erratic behavior.
8-Belligerent, intimidating, aggressive or erratic behavior.
9-Either something in their hands that could be a weapon or hiding their hands while closing distance.
10-Shifting eyes. head moving around (scanning). Nervously or not.
11-Posturing (clenching hands, teeth or body tension) shifting weight of their body on their feet. Bobbing or rocking body.
12-Blinking-eye contact is normally 3 seconds, blinking more than that is indicative of a warning sign.
13-Moving angularly to to intersect with your path of movement. (tactical maneuvering) (flanking).
14-Hesitation in response to questions, either body or thought. Response to “What do you want?”/ They freeze or hesitate in response….
15-Focusing on you………….Intently or inappropriately.
16-Excessive animation, flailing of arms.
17-Profuse sweating
18-Thousand yard stare…hollowed eyes. Flared nostrils-dilated pupils
19-Rapid shallow breathing.
20-Previous violence…..(like if you just saw them attack someone else.)


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Still openings in September 10th Defensive pistol 1.


Added an Ohio CCW class on October 8th.

Come one come all!