Falcon Firearms Training is my place to post firearm training classes and pro 2nd amendment topics for discussion.


I currently teach CCW, NRA Basic Pistol, and Defensive Pistol.
I am not an ex Navy Seal, Green Beret or LEO.
What I am is a guy with an unhealthy interest in firearms training.
Grew up with guns and at 18 joined the Navy. After 4 years got out and spent a year in the Army guard.
Once I got my CHL I decided to go on to get certified to teach.
I teach Ohio CCW but my interest is in defensive pistol training. Also interested in the psychological and physiological effects of a high stress shooting incident on the good guy.

Currently I am certified in the following:

NRA Certified Instructor/Range Safety Officer
Basic Pistol
Advanced pistol
Personal Protection inside the Home
Personal protection Outside the Home
Defensive Pistol
CCW Instructor

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