1. No social media info on what you do for a living. Ever again. Period. It ID’s your absence.
2. Front dead bolts. Improve. The real ones.
3. Timers on lights and TV or radio during absence.
4. During extended periods of time hire Pet Walking service to visit apartment (yes,even if you don’t have a pet)
Their T-shirts , jackets or vehicles are logo’d and interrupt the the schedule and send a signal to anyone “casing” the units.
5. Home Security Alarm. Connected to service or isolated to unit. SimpliSafe is an option. Panic buttons close.
6. ADT Alarm stickers on exterior windows doors.
7. Stop mail every time you’re away for a couple days. USPS makes it easy.
8. In home security camera app. Simple.
9. Re-key your apartment. Get control of your front door.
10. Learn how to stay safe.

The best home defense is offense.

Remember, in a crisis heart racing situation the average person takes 2 1/2 attempts just to dial 911.

Plus, the sound of a pump shotgun chambering a round is a universal language everyone understands.


Good thoughts on accuracy.

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Why you shouldn’t obsess over accuracy of your self defense pistol.





Freedoms safest place

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Recent Ohio CCW law change.

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• School safety zones
A “school safety zone” includes a school, school building,
school premises, school activity, and school bus. For
purposes of this statute, a school includes everything up to
the property boundary.
As a licensee, you may have a concealed handgun in a school safety
zone if you leave the handgun in the motor vehicle, the handgun
does not leave the vehicle and, if you leave the vehicle, you lock the


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